Thursday, July 3, 2014

Email #3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Provo MTC

Family... Wow! Week 4 already? It's kinda crazy because we are starting up the 4th week! The countdown to Sweden has already begun. We're down to 19 days. We take off the 21st of July which is pretty tight. Everyone is getting pretty excited and so am I. I really can't  This week was just another ordinary week at the MTC. Just feeling the spirit so hard core 24-7. No big deal though. Haha I absolutely love it all! I still am thanking the Lord that I was able to see Aunt Jill and BT one last time before they left to Texas. This week I have been counting my blessings. We have been given so much. I am so taken back at how generous the Lord is. I want to do so much more for him but all he asks is for us to keep his commandments. That is how we show our love and gratitute. But Last night we heard from Elder Lowell Snow who was released from the second quorum of the seventy in 2011. He gave such a solid talk about how we have to become truly converted to the Lord and become true disciples of Christ. How can we go invite others to come to Christ if we haven't ourselves? We cannot. We must become converted for ourselves. Elder Snow talked about an elder that he trained on his mission in Germany back in 1963. Back then they sent missionaries out for 2 and a half years because they just sent them out to the country and said, "go and learn the language." This young elder knocked on a door not knowing any german, shared what he could, and the woman who answered let them come back again. Eventually she got baptized along with her family as well. Elder Snow and his missionary companion from '63 were reminiscing about the mission one day and Elder Snow asked why that one woman let them come back because it sure wasn't because she understood what they were saying. This companion asked the woman years later why they let them come back. Her reply was simple. "I saw virtue in your faces." In Alma chapter 5 (i think... i don't have my scriptures with me ha) it asks if we have the image of christ in our countenances. That's exactly why she let those young missionaries back in. Because she saw the christ in their countenances. This story gave me hope because it made me realize that the language of the spirit talks to everyone. It doesn't matter who they are. If we have the spirit with us and we are teaching with the holy ghost then they will feel that. I have also been trying to read the Book of Mormon by the time I leave. I made a goal to read it and I started yesterday so I'm pounding out at least 30 pages a day. The Book of Mormon is so cool! Ok switching gears for a sec... There is also a sister in my district that loves Back to the Future so i've been throwin out quotes left and right and it reminds me of the good times on the river with the Feathy crew. Haha it's pretty sweet! but Thanks for all the emails. I love them all. Until next week. Party on Wayne.

Strength and Honor
-Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

With Äldste Mott and Äldste Rhoades (two elders in my district)

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