Monday, August 4, 2014

Email #7

Monday, Aug 4th, 2014
Jakobsberg, Sweden

Family! Thank you so much for all of your emails this week! Loved them all! 
This week has been really good! My companion and I have done a lot of damage in the Jakobsberg area and we have a ton of people we are talking to every day! We got two new investigators last week which is huge! I hope they will continue to progress and gain that testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Church for themselves. Yesterday we were on our way back to the apartment from church and we were just talking to the other Jakobsberg elders. We were just talking about how church went and a lady interrupted us and asked us what a "Bishop" was. The other Jakobsberg elders explained what a bishop was and then she asked what we were doing here in Sweden. They continued to talk to her while Elder Krebs and I just listened. They said we were all americans and we were serving a mission for our church and sharing the gospel with the people of sweden. She then asked "What is something you guys have that is different or special from other churches." I had an answer right away but I looked at the other Elder's first. They were trying to figure out an answer so I turned back to her and said "The Book of Mormon." She kind of jumped back and said, "WOW! Now you sound like an american. You have a really.... (insert hand motions here) american voice. I laughed and was trying to decide whether that was a compliment or not. I definitely took it as a compliment and in my mind I said, "USA! USA! USA!" Proud and loud baby! gotta love the US! But I went on to explain what the Book of Mormon was. I asked her if she would like to read a little bit of it and she said yes! She said she seemed to always find herself reading. I pulled out a Book of Mormon and shared a brief testimony of it. I handed it to her and said she could have it. She said, "Wait I can have this?" She looked just as shocked as she did earlier when I started talking. I told her that this book was "wonderful" and that she could read it if she wanted. You have to make sure that you are very casual and layed back with Swedes or they will get scared. Ha but it was such a cool experience. Never does a Swede start a conversation with you so it was really cool. She was very sincere and thanked us a couple more times before she got off on her stop... which was ours as well. She dove into it and started reading it right after we stopped talking to her so hopefully she will read it. In "Our Heritage," it talks about the Standard Works and says, "These books are of inestimable value to the children of God, for they teach the fundamental truths of the gospel and bring the honest seeker to the knowledge of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. You really can tell just by talking to someone if they are an honest seeker or not so when you finally feel like you get an "honest seeker" you get pretty pumped! I have to wrap it up for this week but I want to share one more thing quick. As I've been out here I have been thinking a lot about my sacrifice as being out here and not a ton about the sacrifice of those that are home. On page 60 of Our Heritage it talks about the families of the saints who had accepted calls to serve missions. It says, "The families remaining behind demonstrated their faith as they sacrified to support those who had accepted mission calls." I just want to thank all of you (Dad, Mom, Greg, Mimi, Max, Laurel, Millie, Brian, Kelsey, Preston, Megan, Noah, and Klaus and Bagheera) for your faith and supporting me in accepting the call to serve. I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!

Strength and Honor
-Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

The Streets of Stockholm

Swedish "Preach My Gospel" 
 Throwing it back to the MTC

The Smallest Street in Stockholm

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