Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Email #10

Aug. 25th, 2014
Jakobsberg (and Gotland), Sweden


Wow, this week was just killer! Lets start it out from the top...

Alright so this week was VERY busy. On tuesday, Elder Krebs and I got a call from President Beckstrand. He gave us an assignment to go check out the work in another area of Sweden called Gotland. Gotland is the island east of Sweden that is like directly south of Stockholm and is a place that every missionary wants to go to but hardly any missionaries get a chance. There is a little history behind it though. Back in midieval times, the island of Gotland was always being conquered and reconquered because it was in the prime spot for trading. The Danes, Finns, Nords, Germans, and Swedes were always fighting for it. Overtime, a wall was built around the city of Visby (now the biggest city in Gotland) and the Swedes gained possession of it for good. Now because the Swedes own it, Gotland is in our mission and is a pretty isolated area for missionaries. The branch has about 6 active members and the work is pretty slow. They originally took the missionaries out of the area for quite some time but now President Beckstrand wants to get missionaries back there. He send Elder Krebs and I to check it out and let us do a little bit of sight seeing while we were there.  It is such a cool part of Sweden! We were blessed with such an amazing opportunity. I will send some pictures. While we were there we taught a couple lessons and had a lot of success is such a short amount of time so I think that the missionaries that are sent there will continue to have success.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Teixeira who is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. It was such a cool experience and shared some wonderful insights about several gospel principles. He read something out of PMG that I had read before but didn't really pay attention to. It is a definition of repentance that is stellar! In PMG it says, "Our faith in Christ and our love for Him lead us to repent, or to change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not in harmony with His will. Repentance includes forming a fresh view of God, ourselves, and the world. When we repent, we feel godly sorrow, then we stop doing things that are wrong and continue doing things that are right." How cool is that? That part that sticks out to me the most is that when we repent, we form a fresh view of God, ourselves, and the world. After we heard from Elder Teixeira, Elder Lundquist (an elder who I was accompanying for) and I played for about half the mission (about 100 full time missionaries). It went really well and I felt great about it. A little back story behind us playing "Jesus, Savior Pilot Me." A week earlier when I was asked to play for the Mission Conference, I was asked to play "Jesus, Savior Pilot Me." I remembered that Preston sang and recorded that song for Ross and Michelle Boothe and that they just started a new business called "Sacred Hymns." I went online and bought the music to "Jesus, Savior" and it looked great. I thought that we would be good to go. Elder Lundquist was serving on the opposite side of the country and there was no way to get the music to him. I had a little bit of a problem with the computer so I only had the sheet music when Elder Lundquist needed it also to practice. I was in a little bit of a tough situation so I sent an email to Ross and Michelle Boothe asking if they could email me the PDF form of the sheet music so I could email it to the other elder. I knew it was a bit of a long shot but I thought I would give it a try. I didn't receive an email back for several days so I just bought the song again and had the other elder log into my email and print it off. I didn't think anything more of the music because we had already played for the mission. I got an email back from Ross and Michelle a while later and this is what it said: 

"Hi Elder Featherstone,

So sorry we didn't respond to your email quickly enough! We noticed that you bought a second copy to send to the other elder. You're great. Thanks for trying to the right thing. We certainly love your family and appreciate everyone's help in getting Sacred Hymns off the ground. As a gift from us, attached you will find the sheet music to all of our currently published hymns. We hope they are helpful to your missionary service and future life. 

All the best, Elder!

Ross and Michelle Boothe"

The Boothes had attached 13 songs of full sheet music with their email. I really could not believe that they gave me such a gift. I was so thankful and so humbled by such a Christ-like act. There were so many miracles and blessings this week and I could not have been so blessed. 

We have been really busy this week with mission business and haven't had much time in our area but I'm excited to get back to work in our own area and see what we can do here at home. I'm doing well and hope everyone back home is doing well too. I love you all.

Strength and Honor
-Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone


The Wall of Visby in Gotland

More Gotland Pics. Love you all!

"The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead. And the dead keep it"
(Lord of the Rings) Direct translation

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