Monday, September 1, 2014

Email #11

Mon. Sept 1, 2014
the Vasa Museum. Västerhaninge (Stockholm Temple)

This week was great! Last P-day we had a really cool day! We went to the "Vasa Museum." A little background on "The Vasa".... So the Vasa is a ship that was built in the 1700's by the Swedes. It is actually a really stupid but funny story. The Vasa is pretty much a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a ship that took a very long time to build and was the greatest ship in the world at it's time. The ship went out onto the water when a gust of wind tipped it just enough for it to take in water through the gun decks on one of the sides. It sunk after being on the water for 30 minutes. 333 Years later in 1961 it was brought above the water being almost perfectly preserved because of the mud, clay, and cold salt water, and now it was rebuilt in a museum which is in Stockholm being 98% original. Ok sorry for that history lesson. Long story short, we visited the museum last monday and it was legit! Such a cool ship! It is massive! I'll send a few pics because you will want to see it!

Later during the week on thursday we had a chance to help out with the cleaning of the Stockholm Temple. It's technically in a place called Västerhaninge but it's close enough. That temple is so dang cool! We were able to go and work for 4 hours in the temple and I loved every minute of it. While we were working I had a long conversation with a guy who is from Bulgaria originally but moved to Sweden about 5 years ago. He had very good Swedish and it was really cool to see that I was able to communicate with him in a language that I didn't even know 3 months ago. The Lord truly does help his missionaries learn languages so they can finish what he needs them to. I have a testimony of that. 

The big thing that happened this week was that I was able to catch an email from Chris Feathy saying that he was in Sweden for the next little while. Another long story short, I was able to meet up with Chris and Tawny and have dinner with them. It was such a crazy thing that happened and it kinda freaked me out when I heard Tawny say, "Elder Featherstone!" You don't get much attention from people in the middle of Stockholm Central Station. We had dinner with them and had a really good time! 

Everything else is going well here and Sweden is good. Hope everyone is doing well back home and know that I love you all.

Strength and Honor
-Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

The Vasa in Stockholm

Templet I Västerhaninge

Hey kid! What's with the life preserver?
(Back to the Future)

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  1. What an outstanding, handsome, and positive missionary. I'm breaking a commandment by being jealous of all the beautiful things he is able to see!