Monday, October 20, 2014

Email #18

Monday, October 20, 2014
Jakobsberg, Sweden

Dearest Family,

Transfers have once again come and gone and Elder Featherstone is still here in Jakobsberg. I have made it a goal to baptize in every area that I'm in. We haven't baptized yet so this next transfer is gonna be the one. Stellan is gonna hit the water. I know it! If you would keep him in your prayers I would be so grateful. So here's the deal with Stellan. Every time we go to meet with Stellan, he has read everything we have given him to read three, four, and even five times over. Last time we gave him the book of Enos to read and he told us he read it four times. Say what? You gotta be kidding me! Four times? How cool is that? Then on top of that he started to explain that he had been starting to feel like he didn't need to drink coffee as much. This guy is like a golden investigator! I know that he knows it is all true but we just need to get him to commit. There are so many blessings available when we enter the waters of baptism and I want the same thing for him. He even asked Alberto (I think I talked a little about him) if he could dedicate his home. Well dude! You could dedicate your own home and do so much more if you would just get baptized! We are going to meet with him this week so just pray that he can get a baptismal date. He can do it!

Rolando is still progressing. He works a lot on Sundays so it's hard for him to make it all the way to Täby (where we are going to church because the church is Jakobsberg is getting re-done). But he said that once the year ends that he will be able to come every week! We are hoping to get him a date to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood so keep him in your prayers as well. 

Now for "Contacting + Basketball Scoring = Fun?" On Tuesday we had ward council. Turns out that after we got there, we were told that ward council was moved to next Tuesday. "Well, ok then" SO! We had some time that we didn't know what to do with. Elder Krebs and I walked down to Jakobsberg Centrum (like the town square of Jakobsberg that has a ton of people) with Elder Smith and Elder Christensen (the other elders that also serve in Jakobsberg) and we talked about what we should do. We came up with an idea to make contacting into a game. So, being the competitive person I am, we decided to put a scoring system to contacting. Elder Christensen and I would go up against Elder Smith and Krebs in the BATTLE OF JAKOBSBERG. So here were the rules... you got 2 points if you gave a Book of Mormon away, 3 points if you got their number and they said you could come back, and 4 points if you taught a lesson. I was getting pumped because I was gonna go contact the crap out of this place. No one was going to pass me without knowing who I was. But.... you only had one hour to do it. So off we went. Talking to people left and right. Lot's of "not interested" but we actually taught two lessons on the street, talked to probably 50 people total, handed out a Book of Mormon. And actually got 2 phone numbers who said we could call them later. After the hour was up, we came back to the starting line, totaled points up, and WE WON!! THE GREENIE MAGIC IS REAL BABY!! It was a close one but we ended up coming away with the "W." 

Friday came around and we had Zone Training where our Zone Leaders ended up talking about "Praying with Faith." (Page 93 in Preach My Gospel if you want to check that out one day for scripture study.) But I have never seen so many miracles than I have seen take place on my mission. I'm going to say that it's all because I don't think I've ever said so many prayers in my entire life. The power of prayer is real! How amazing is it that we get to have a literal conversation with our Father in Heaven. Think about that for a second. That's huge! That's such a huge blessing that we can have 24/7. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the opportunity that I have to talk with my Heavenly Father. 

Later that night, the Jakobsberg and Täby wards came together for a little talent show. I was asked to play a little something and so I thought "All of Me" would give the Swedes a little kick. I ended up playing second and it went really well. After I was done, there was an applause and then Lars Nilsson (The 1st councilor in the bishopbric, former professional boxer, and former member of the Swedish Olympic Bobsled team. Ha he is a funny guy) yelled from the audience, "DET SKA VARA ÖPPNA PSALM PÅ SÖNDAG!" (THAT'S GONNA BE THE OPENING HYMN ON SUNDAY!!) Everyone laughed and now when someone see's me they will start acting like they are banging their forearms on the piano. (Noah can do a demonstration of that song if you don't understand that reference.) No I didn't end up playing "All of Me" on Sunday but I did receive more compliments on the performance. I have used the piano so much out here and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to share the talents that I have been blessed with. Thanks to Mom and Pops for encouraging me to keep practicing. And don't worry Mom and Dad, I definitely still get time to practice here. I'm not getting a break at all! Ha and I'm really so grateful for it.

Well, everything here in Sweden is just moving along. The language is tough and Swedes are terrible at English haha but it forces me to try to communicate the best I can. I love you all. Hope you have a great week!

Strength and Honor

-Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

P.S. We were helping a lady move the other day and on our way over there I saw pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen. Their golden color glimmered in the fall morning. They stood tall above the ocean of green beneath. It was AN AMERICAN FOOTBALL FIELD WITH GOAL POSTS!!! I started getting teary eyed when I saw it. Beautiful... just beautiful. SO! I decided to call around the mission and set up a football game. 20+ Elders are getting together today to play some REAL football! Now if that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is. Alright... have a great week!


The Juke: Round 2

Sweden in the Fall... pretty dang cool

Elder Walker (MTC Comp), Me, Elder Cushing (Knows the Scott and Lori Feathy's and is from East Millcreek), and Elder Mott (an elder in my MTC Group)

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