Thursday, November 20, 2014

Email #22

Monday, Nov. 17, 2014
Jakobsberg, Sweden

This week has been great!! We have had such a blast working here with
the people and members here in the Jakobsberg Ward! On Tuesday we left
studies early that morning to go to a lunch with a member and then had
to go to a city called Märsta for another member dinner. Alright so
the deal wtih member dinners or meals in Jakobsberg is that it never
happens and if it does then you are one lucky dog! We hit the
jackpot... and then more. So at the Märsta dinner, we went to the
Nilsson's. Brother Nilsson is the 1st Counselor to the Bishop. He's
the one that said I was going to play "All of Me" for the opening hymn
in church. I've talked a little about him before but he is a stud! He
was a professional boxer back in days of youth and was also on the
Olympic Swedish Bobsled team. He is a funny guy and he teases me all
the time about my greenie Swedish. He doesn't know a lot of English
but whenever we see him he says, "Hey big boys" in his really bad
Swedish-English. So they made ribs for us and they were amazing! First
time I have had ribs since I left and wow was it spectacular! Haha
since I've left the US, I've never been so thankful for all the little
things. Ribs, drinking fountains, ice in drinks. You guys have it good
in the US. Ha! Nah but I love it here.

Sweden in the greatest! The language is coming along pretty well.
Yesterday I was asked by a member in the ward from Latvia to translate
Sacrament Meeting into English for them. I don't think I have ever
focused so hard on Swedish in my life!! It was so hard but it was good
to practice. I said a little prayer right before the meeting started
and I felt great about it when the meeting was over.

We hit off the week on Monday with a bang and we were teaching lessons
left and right. It was so cool! I honestly wasn't sure how it was all
happening but everything kind of fell into place and we were able to
double our goal for amount of lessons this week. We doubled it! After
totalling our numbers up last night I got so pumped! This area wasn't
teaching very much when we got here but I am loving it and we are
truly seeing the hand of the Lord here in Jakobsberg. Our members have
been opening up and we have seen so much change! Elder Holland once
said something that I have made my new goal for each area I serve in.
"Leave your area better than you found it." I always remember Dad
telling me that after we would clean up from camping or after we
packed up camp on the river "leave it better than you found it." I
think that is so cool and it has helped me so much as I've been out

So P-day is going to be on Saturday instead of Monday because
they want to get the missionaries leaving this transfer home for
Thanksgiving so I will be shooting out emails on Saturday. I
am most likely going to get a new companion or transfer or both, so I
guess we will see.

Alright I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

 Dinner with the Nilssons
 The train ride home after the long day

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