Sunday, November 30, 2014

Email #23

Saturday, Nov 22, 2014
Jakobsberg to Västerhaninge

Wow... this week has been going 100 miles per hour. Wait... kilometers now? Yeah but we have had a killer week! Jakobsberg is the place to be right now! and.... that's when I get transferred. Yep... I'm leaving my mission birth place of Jakobsberg. I am going to promise land of Västerhaninge. It's where the temple here in Stockholm is and the ward is super cool so I'm pumped to go. Yesterday we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders telling us that both Elder Krebs and I will be transferring. I kinda laughed because we had one of our best weeks last week and I feel like the work here in Jakobsberg is just starting to pick up, but I'm excited to go down to Västerhaninge and work with the people down there. There have been a lot of times where it's been hard in Jakobsberg, most of the time actually. But I have been so grateful for the experiences that I have had here and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's definitely going to be a bittersweet experience to leave because I have grown to love the members and the people I have worked with so much but I am excited to have the opportunity to move down to Västerhaninge.  I am going to be with an elder who is in the group just after me. He got here to Sweden 6 weeks after I did so we are pretty inexperienced but we're going to show Västerhaninge what these young guns from the U.S. can do! Elder Peterson is such a stud though and I'm so stoked to be comps with him. He's from Cali (northern I think) and we're gonna have a ton of fun. We're gonna work hard and I'm excited for it all!

This week is pretty packed and I don't have a ton of time to email but I am especially grateful for all of you this week. Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I'm kinda bummed I'm not going to be in my home country with my family. But... I am thankful for all of you and I love you all. Hope you have a great week!

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

This picture came from my neighbor who got it from her niece who got it from her parents who are serving a mission in Sweden and had Caleb and his companion over for Thanksgiving dinner.  (I think I got that right.)  Thank goodness for wonderful senior missionary couples who look after our children.

Alberto Bäckman who is my brotha on the left is the one prepping for
a mission. He is such a stud and it's been so cool to work with him.
His mom Claudia is on the right.

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