Monday, January 26, 2015

Email #31

January 26, 2015
Västerhaninge, Sweden
This past week Elder Peterson and I had a goal to teach a lesson on the street every day. We were out on Tuesday and we were 100% so far with our goal. We taught a lesson on the street and for some reason I just didn't feel great about it. I turned to Elder Peterson and said, "What did that contact/lesson on the street need?" We talked it over for a little bit and we came to the conclusion that we need to TESTIFY! How important is testifying? So important! It made complete sense to me because that is how they are able to feel the Spirit. That is the goal with these people. We are trying to get them to be able to feel the Spirit and say, "Hmmm... what is it about those two young men? Maybe I want to talk to them more." Later during the week on Wednesday we still were looking for that street lesson for that day and we saw these two teenagers walking to the train station. We stopped them and ended up showing them the Easter video from last year on the iphone. The phones here have been such a great help. It's so neat to be able to just walk up to someone, show them a video about Christ and then TESTIFY about the truthfulness of what they just watched. So we showed these two kids the "Tack Vare Honom" Video. (The "Because of Him" video) The literal translation to English just means "Thanks to him." But we showed them the video and then we TESTIFIED! It was a great lesson and we could tell that one of the kids was actually sincerely interested and we could tell that he felt the Spirit. I TESTIFY that as WE TESTIFY then whoever we are talking with will be able to feel the Spirit and the Love of Christ through us. I always remember looking back on some of my most memorable experiences in Young Mens and being thankful for the Testimony Meetings that we would have together. One of my favorite District Meetings was a Testimony Meeting. Testifying is so important.
This entire week we have not been able to get in touch with Maich. Maich is actually the same person as Mich but he just decided to tell us that he goes by Maich as well and that most people call him Maich so... we're switching to Maich. Whew... ok... but I called him last night to invite him to church but he didn't answer once again. I wasn't really sure what to do so I called a newly baptized member of the ward to call and invite him to church. They're actually both from the same country of Kenya so that was great to get that connection. We didn't think Maich was going to come to church but he ended up coming in a few minutes late. I got so excited and we ended up having a lesson right after Sacrament Meeting. It was great! Please keep him in your prayers. He wants to do the right thing. We are going to have a lesson with him on Wednesday so we're hoping to get a baptismal date set.
Overall, we're doing well. Sweden is cold. We had another blizzard come in so there is more snow on the ground. It's supposed to snow tonight as well. From what I've heard from members there is supposed to be some "extreme weather" the next couple of months so I guess we’ve just got to get used to the snow. Ha! I thought I would be ok with it being dark all the time as well but I think I'm ready for the sun to come back out. Can't wait! The sun is the best!
Ok I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Pray extra hard for Edmund! AKA Preston! I thought "break a leg" was supposed to be good luck. Uh... haha just kiddin! Lycka till! Good luck buddy! Love you!
Strength and Honor    
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

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