Monday, February 9, 2015

Email #33

February 9, 2015
Västerhaninge, Sweden

All on the same team!
This week I had a pretty humbling experience. During these last few weeks, Elder Peterson and I have been trying to focus on the quality of our contacts as well as teaching lessons on the street. During my first few months as a missionary, I had never tried to teach someone on the street. It had always seemed pretty far out there and nearly impossible. Our Zone Leaders had talked to us specifically about getting lessons on the street and how great they can be. Elder Peterson and I took the challenge and we tried to hit it with all we could. Last week we were in District Meeting and we talked about the importance of "Testifying." I know I've talked about the power of testifying in other emails but that is what made the quality of our contacts better and the number of lessons we taught on the street skyrocket. In the last week, we have seen nothing but miracles.

The week started out pretty well and then by Thursday we just weren't having any success. We hadn't been able to teach even one lesson and it was dinner time. I was pretty disappointed and wasn't really sure what to do next. We went back to the apartment for dinner and my brain was just chugging along. I was trying to think of the reason why we weren't having any success. We were getting ready to leave again and we knelt right by the door to say a prayer. Elder Peterson asked if I would say it so I did. In the prayer we told Heavenly Father that we needed help. We said we couldn't do it without Him and we needed some help finding someone to teach. We told him that we know He can do anything and that He can put someone in our path to teach and that we have faith that that can happen. We closed the prayer, I looked at Elder Peterson, and said, "Let's do it." We went out and worked for about three hours and the entire time I knew we were going to find someone. Not one person got past us without being talked to. I knew that the Lord was going to help us out and I knew that we had to follow up on our part to find this person who we were going to teach. We worked and worked and nothing happened. It was almost 9 PM so we got back on the train to go home. I started to get disappointed again and I started to wonder if we did anything wrong. We were almost home and I looked up in front of us. There were two people walking towards us and they were going to be the last people we were going to meet. We stopped them and ended up talking to them for 15 minutes. Naseba and Abbas are immigrants from Afghanistan but both had very good Swedish. Elder Peterson and I taught them the Restoration on the street and gave them a Book of Mormon to read. They were very positive and we were able to get their phone numbers. Later that night I got on my knees again and just thanked the Lord that we were able to find Naseba and Abbas just a few minutes earlier. It truly was amazing and I know that the Lord orchestrated that meeting.

A couple days later, we stopped Ruby who was from Uganda but had lived in Sweden for five years. We showed her the "Because of Him" video on the street and were able to have a lesson with her right there. She was incredibly positive and we were able to get her number. I asked her where she lived and she said, "Oh, I live in Farsta." My heart sank because I knew that Farsta wasn't in our area. We sent her number to some elders that work in Farsta. Yesterday, I called Naseba and Abbas to see if we could meet again and talk more. They were both still very positive and said, "Absolutely!" Later I found out that Naseba lives in Jakobsberg (my old area) and Abbas lives in Älvsjö. I got pretty disappointed. We sent both of their numbers to the elders in those areas. I just laughed and said, "Wow... for real? We just found those three investigators and not one of them lives in our area. You have got to be kidding me." We walked a little while and then I just thought to myself. "Wow, that was pretty selfish. Why do you have to teach them?" The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I thought back to playing basketball and tennis in high school. When someone hits a nice shot, scores a basket, scores a goal, or hits a home run, you all come together, congratulate each other, and then go work even harder with more motivation to score again. That's how it's like in the gospel. We're here to help each other out. We're here to build each other up. We're here to share the gospel, and we're all on the same team.

That's a pretty powerful lesson that I learned this week. Hope you all have a "quacktastic" week. I love you all.

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

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