Monday, March 16, 2015

Email #38

March 16, 2015
Västerhaninge, Sweden


Wow this week was such a great one!  Hope it was the same for all of you!  We were just runnin' and gunnin' the whole time.  Alright so once again I don't have a lot of time this week but I wanted to share an experience with you that I had this week.

On Friday night we got a call from the Zone Leaders asking us if we were able to help out with a Youth Activity in the Stockholm Stake.  We were happy to help out and it was actually a really neat experience.  The activity for the youth was actually a mini MTC and they wanted the missionaries to come and talk with the kids a little bit.  What we did was we taught the youth about the Plan of Salvation (something that they are already pretty familiar with) and then had them teach each other about it as if they were investigators and missionaries.

I remembered a story of a non-member asking a member of the church about the Plan of Salvation and wondering if he could explain it to him.  The member was completely fine with explaining a little bit about the church and thought that it would be a good missionary opportunity.  He went on to explain where we came from, why we are here on the earth, and where we are going after we die.  He explained the "BIG 3."  This "BIG 3" aren't the stats of the former Miami Heat power team but it's the three questions of the soul.  After the member explained it all the non-member jumped up and said, "Ah hah! I knew it!  I hear all of you Mormons explaining that your Plan of Salvation is all about Christ but when you were explaining it to me, you didn't say his name once. “

That story hit me pretty hard when I first heard it and I have always tried to focus on Christ when we teach the Plan of Salvation to a less-active, investigator, or even a member family.  The Plan of Salvation wouldn't be a plan at all if Christ wasn't centered in it.  That's something we tried to talk to the youth about and we tried to help them focus on Christ as they were teaching each other.  It was a pretty eye opening experience for me and I am so grateful for the Savior, His love, His willingness, and His role in the Plan of Salvation.  It truly is the Plan of Happiness and I know that if we build upon Him as the rock then we will not fall.  2 Nephi 31:19 says, "And now, my beloved brethren, after ye have gotten into this strait and narrow path, I would ask if all is done?  Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for ye have not come thus far save it were by the word of Christ with unshaken faith in him, relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save."  I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to repent every day and come closer to Him every day.

I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Strength and Honor

Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Elder Stinnett and I in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Members of my MTC group that I saw at the mission conference a couple weeks ago

Alex and I on our way to church. Alex is a member of the Handen Ward but loves the missionaries. When he see's the name tag, he'll just run up to you and give you a huge hug! Love that kid so much!

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