Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Email #50

June 8, 2015
Skelleftea, Sweden


This week has easily been one of the busiest, most insane weeks of my mission! We started out on Monday hopping on a plane and flying down to Stockholm for Zone Conference and we were down in Stockholm for P-day! I went back home!!! I really missed Stockholm! But it was such a neat experience! We actually went to the ABBA Museum again and WOW... was that a ton of fun! After that we went down to Västerhaninge to reminisce the old days of VH and ate dinner there. I have a special place in my heart for VH and the people there so it was really nice to be back.

Elder Hansen and I had a pretty neat experience later that night. We were on our way towards the apartment of the elders in Stockholm because we were going to stay the night with them and then suddenly our phone died. I was looking down at the iphone on Google Maps. We were going towards the apartment and WHAM... the phone died. When I said I know Stockholm like the back of my hand... I guess I was wrong. Ha! The Stockholm elders sent us the "port code" number which is like the code to get into the building and I remembered what it was so next thing I know we are going around and punching in numbers. We ended up getting into the building but we didn't know what door it was and we couldn't start knocking doors to find the right apartment because it was around 21:30 (9:30 PM). Elder Hansen and I went back outside and sat down on a bench and decided to wait. A couple of minutes went by and I said, "Elder Hansen, would you care if we said a quick prayer to help us get in safely." We said a prayer together on the street, closed the prayer, and I literally looked up to an elder waving his hands back and forth in a window right directly in front of us. I couldn't believe it. Moral of the story... PRAYER WORKS!!

The next morning we went over to Zone Conference in a city called Gubbängen. It was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot! I was asked to accompany a sister in the mission in a musical number so we performed it and it went really well. I actually played a song that I received as a gift from Ross and Michelle Boothe so THANK YOU BOOTHE FAM! That's my S/O for the week. I have been so grateful that I have had so many opportunities to play here on my mission.

We got back on Friday from Stockholm and then I went straight up to Boden (the most northern area in the mission) on splits with Elder Halterman. While I was in Boden with Elder Halterman, we did some service. We helped chop up some wood and herd some cows. Ha! It was quite the experience! Who ever thought I would have to travel all the way to Sweden to herd cows. Ha!  Later, we had Stake Conference that was broadcast from Scotland to the Europe area and they didn't show it in Skellefteå for some reason so we stayed in Boden for two days. I literally have not been in my area or slept in my own bed for an entire week which is absolutely insane but I'm glad I'm back and we can get back to work here in this area! Skellefteå is the coolest and I'm so glad I'm serving here right now!

I wanted to jump back to last week with an experience that we had right before we left for Stockholm. Last Sunday night, Elder Hansen and I decided to swing by to see some people we needed to get in contact with. We went by everyone that we needed to and not one of them was home. I looked at Elder Hansen and said, "Alright... well... let's knock a few doors." We walked up the stairs to an apartment building that we hadn't knocked before and knocked on the first door. It opened up and a little 6 year old african kid ran away back into the apartment. We said, "Hejsan! Är dina föräldrar hemma?" (Hey! Are your parents home) He said, "Mamma!!" and a woman popped her head out of the kitchen. She said, "Come in! Come in!" In my mind I was thinking, "What? You don't even know who we are!" Ha! We went in and met their entire family. They are from the Congo but can only speak French and Swedish. They have 4 boys and the oldest two are 10 and 8. We taught them about the Restoration and they absolutely loved it! It was such a neat experience!! We weren't able to go by again because we were in Stockholm but we're planning on going by tonight.

We are being blessed so much by the Lord. The work here in Skellefteå is getting back up to pace and we're really trying to baptize here.

Hope you all have a "quack-tastic" week! Love you all!

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

The WIren Family that I was able to visit when I went back to Västerhaninge
At the ABBA Museum with Elder Archibald who is a good friend of mine. We went to the MTC at the same day and is one of my closest out here in Sweden.
Elder Treat and I feelin' a little tired
Malcom Wiren who is a member in Västerhaninge that I starting teaching piano to a little bit. He's now taking piano lessons from a teacher and is KILLING IT!

Herdin' cows in Boden

Choppin' wood in Boden

Elder Richards and I at the ABBA Museum
Another member from Västerhaninge that I ran into named Leo. He's from Finland and is one of my favorites!

Ran into a member in the Västerhaninge ward on the train. Pouyeh is from Iran and has been a member for about 2 years

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