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Email #53

June 29, 2015
Skellefteå, Sweden


Hallå!! How is everyone doing?? Hope it's all just swell back home! This week in Skellefteå has been stellar! America was callin' Elder Hansen's name as he wrapped up his mission but Skellefteå was callin' Elder Purkey's name so we picked him up the night before Elder Hansen got shipped off back west so... I have a new comp now!! Elder Purkey is from the East Lansing, Michigan area and came to Sweden with my last companion Elder Burton. "Purk" has been in Sweden for almost six months so we both are fired up and ready to hit this transfer with all we’ve got. It's gonna be SWEET!! A couple of days ago we sat down and wrote up a "vision" for the area. So just kind of like where we want to see the area by the end of these next six weeks. Our vision in re-cap is just to cut out all of the fat in the area and really just get down to business and try to help those people that are prepared to receive the Gospel. It is super neat! We are both so pumped to just buckle down and get to work. I'm excited for this next transfer!

Some funny things happened this week while I was with Elder Purkey that I thought I'd share as well. Haha we were walking down the street one day when I looked over and saw some graffiti on a wall near the town square that said, "Ner med U.S.A." It pretty much translates right to "Down with the U.S.A." Elder Purkey and I laughed a little bit and we decided to take a picture with it. I'll send a picture of it because it was pretty classic!

Also, I was able to play the accordion for the first time this week. I thought it would be a breeze but it put my multi-tasking skills to test! Haha we walk through a tunnel every day to get to the city and at the end of the tunnel there is always this man from Romania that plays his accordion for money. He can't speak any Swedish or English at all but every time we walk by he smiles and says, "Hallelujah... Hallelujah!" We smile back and I usually have no idea what to say so I just end up saying, "Hallelujah... Hallelujah!" Haha but one day I played a mean game of charades and asked if I could try playing it. He wouldn't take any money and he just sat me down with his accordion. I played for like thirty seconds and it actually didn't sound too bad! Haha a lot of fun though!

This week we were also able to teach Alfa, Angelani, and their family again about the Restoration. They come from the Congo, speak French and Swahili, and Elder Hansen and I found them a couple of weeks ago when we knocked on their door. We actually have a member in the branch that can speak French who comes from Zambia. She will be a huge help to us. Alfa and Angelani have four boys too. We invited Alfa and Angelani to come to church and Israel (7) said, "Ja! Jag vill att komma till kyrka på söndag!" (Yeah! I want to come to church on Sunday!) We weren't able to get them there yesterday but we're hoping to teach them and see them at church next Sunday! It should be super neat! I'm excited!

Also, something neat that happened was that a couple from the ward down in Västerhaninge came up to visit me while they were in the area for vacation! Brother and Syster Sihlen came up to Skellefteå on Sunday so that was so neat to see them again!

Well, the work is going forward, folks. It's a good work. It's a great work. It's a MARVELOUS work! (D&C 4:1) Hope you all have a great week! I love you all!
A picture of Ulla and I. Ulla is a sweet lady in the branch up here.

With the Delgados in Skellefteå. The Delgado Couple is serving here in Sweden and they are from Logan! They served in the temple while Grandpa was the temple president up there! Super neat connection!

The Sihlens are the two next to me. They came all the way from Västerhaninge! So good to see them!

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