Monday, August 24, 2015

Email #61

August 24, 2015
Umeå, Sweden

"Kronk! Pull the lever!!  ..... WRONG LEVEEEEERRRRRR!!"


Well.... that movie quote doesn't really have anything to do with this email... BUT... it was a movie quote that I pulled out on Elder Kapp the other day. Ha... ha... good times... gooood times...  I was just mostly going for the ice-breaker of the email though.


Speaking of ice-breakers... that is a little something that I've been trying to be better at. Breaking the ice at the beginning of a contact with a little laugh is something has helped a lot! Last week we went on a little "finding stund" ("stund" is like the equivalent to "session" in English) with our brother Jonathan Wirtala. Jonathan actually served in the same mission as Mallory Brown back home. S/O to anyone serving in the England Manchester Mission. Woop woop! Alight.... back to Mr. Wirtala. SO... we decided to do a little finding session together with the Swedish RM. He taught us a few "ice-breaker" techniques on the way so I started using them in the daily work. One of them is just a simple magic trick. "Hey... excuse me... I'm sorry, but I think you have something behind your ear." *Insert confused potential investigator face with Elder Featherstone's hand in his pocket with a pass along card* Then... pull it out from behind their ear and... woah. There ya have it.

The other day, Elder Kapp and I saw this group of guys together in a parking lot and so I decided to put Jonathan's English techniques to the test. I walked over, "hey... excuse me... but I think you have something behind your ear", pulled the trick, and all of his buddies BUSTED UP laughing. Haha it was super funny. I felt like I was on a basketball court, just crossed someone up, put them on their keister, and everyone just yells, "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" That's pretty much what all of his buddies did while I put the card in his hand after the trick. HEY... but guess what? Now he's an investigator. SO... big thanks to the former Elder Wirtala right there. S/O to the Swede! Tack kille! Du är bäst!

The week has honestly been super good! We've had a ton of success here in Umeå! I still am a little confused that we are teaching so much. Usually you're on the other side saying... "Whew... man... we've been contacting all week long. Some day we'll be teaching all week long though so keep on the gas pedal!" Now we're here and... yeah... it's super good! I'm loving it now! I kinda miss contacting though. Haha I would have NEVER thought I'd say that. It's really good here though. The members are so amazing. I've never seen a branch work so well with the missionaries. Usually I'm the one coming up to them to introduce myself but I'm having members come up to me to introduce themselves. Once again... Umeå = Zion.

OH... this is my new favorite thing to do. Giving compliments to strangers. But especially Swedes! They're super funny about it. The other day we were driving down the road and I stopped to let some bikers cross the road. I look over and there is a dude repping blonde dreads that are (not exaggerating) past the middle of his thigh. SO LONG! SO COOL! He looked like such a boss. I rolled down my window, poked out my head, and said, "HEY! YOUR HAIR IS SICK!" He had some headphones in so he didn't hear me. He looked back with a confused look on his face thinking that he had done something wrong and that some crazy person was yelling at him from a car. He pulled off his headphones looked at me and I said, "HÅRET SER BRA UT!" (The hair looks good!!) He smiled and gave me a gangsta wave and kept going. All the elders in the car busted up laughing. Maybe he'll go do it too now. Domino effect. Changing the world one complement at a time. That's the Äldste Featherstone challenge of the week. Give a compliment to a stranger. And as the rest of the mission would say right now tack vare Äldste Noso... "JUST DO IT."

Two things I just had to bring up quick. Earlier this week, in the grocery store, I heard the George Michael song that we did our family flash mob to at the Poelman Family Reunion in Park City. In my mind I saw Mimi and Mom and Dad and the rest of the fam all doing their little parts of the flash mob. Super funny. Thanks again for that Mimi! "You the real MVP!"

The other thing... this is my S/O to Brian. Haha the other day we were at a less actives house for dinner and we were doing the dishes afterwards. There were four elders trying to do the dishes at the same time in this TINY kitchen so I just did what I thought was logical. I just moved around dishes for about 15 minutes. I was cracking myself up the entire time. How many years did you get away with that one Brian? haha

That's about it for the week. Still just in that missionary grind. It's been amazing to see what has happened just in these past few weeks here in Umeå. We are seeing so many miracles every day. The Lord truly is hastening his work. So let's jump on the boat and assist in hastening his work. "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

Strength and Honor  
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Selfie with my boy Daniel Karlsson at church.
Thowin' it back to the Zone Volleyball Tournament

Volleyball pics....

Does this bring back any memories Pops??

We were in a BOM drought in the mission. The entire mission was handing them out so fast that Germany couldn't send them fast enough. We finally got another box!!
FHE with the young single adults in the branch. Roasted some hot-dogs!

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