Monday, September 7, 2015

Email #62

August 30, 2015
Umeå, Sweden

The Return of the Italian Stallion
Hejsan allihopa!!

"Rockyyyyyyyyy!!!!" "ADRIAAAANNN!!!!!"
Alright... unfortunately Rocky Balboa didn't make an appearance at the Umeå District Conference. BUT... we got something even better believe it or not. Elder Massimo De Feo from Rome. Yeah... the name explains it all. Elder De Feo is an area seventy that came to our Umeå distriktskonferens. Wow... I literally do not think I have been to a better Stake Conference in my life. Absolutely incredible! Just wanted to take a snippet from the Roman. Elder De Feo talked about a man in the Bible named Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a very short man so when he heard that Christ was coming he climbed up a tree so that he could see the Lord. Christ looked up, saw Zacchaeus, and told him to come down. The whole story takes place in just the first five verses of Luke 19. Elder De Feo talked about the importance of inviting and how a lot of the time in the church we talk too much and do too little. When Elder De Feo was a Stake President in Rome, he told all of his bishops to keep their ward councils to 30 minutes max and then for the rest of the night, they would go out and visit less active members.  He talked about how Christ loves all of his brothers and sisters here on the earth, but he always focused on "the one." I love this short little story about Zacchaeus and the importance of inviting that Christ taught us in those few short verses. All the talks from Elder De Feo throughout the weekend were so inspired and he taught us so much from the New Testament. He would take it into a whole other ball park and talk about things I never would have thought of.

This whole week we have just been runnin' and gunnin'. This branch in Umeå... like wow. I have never seen a branch or ward that works so well with missionaries in my entire life! The members are pretty sneaky though. Haha they love to invite their non-member friends over for an activity and then just happen to accidentally invite the missionaries over for the same thing. It works really well actually. This past week we had a "follow up" activity with a non-member because she got curious after the first "accidental" activity/meeting with the missionaries. We had a "fika" together. A fika is like a little... fika. Haha not really sure how to describe it. Like a short anti-coffee-coffee break or something. Haha that reminds me of Mom's anti-carrot-carrot cake. The anti-nephi-lehis!! ANYWAY... yeah we had a little "fika" and talked about the Restoration. It actually went really well. The lady we were teaching actually invited a friend of hers to listen in on the discussion as well so now we're getting referrals from investigators. BOOM BABY!! Now they're both reading and praying about Mormons Bok which is exciting.

OH... SO... the other day... we were playing fotboll with some members, less-active members, and some investigators. I have zero idea what has happened since I came to Sweden but I'm starting to get the "flow" for soccer. All of the guys we were playing with kept calling me "Ibrahimovic." Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pretty much like the Queen of England for Sweden. Haha he played for Malmö FF for a little while but now he plays for Paris. So that was a pretty solid compliment right there. Haha you'd be proud Trav Wilky! This week's S/O goes to you brother! And so do those five goals during that soccer game! SKÅL!

On top of that... we also had interviews with President which went really well. It's nice to get a little 1 on 1 with President every once and a while. He pretty much told Elder Kapp that he would be leaving so that's pretty sad. I've had a ton of fun up here with Elder Kapp. OH... word around the block says that Elder Archibald is leaving Handen this transfer. Elder Hemmingsen... the campaign is on for Archibald. #Archibaldinumeå2k15 haha another S/O to Äldster Hemmingsen och Archibald for being such studs. Keep it up the good work down in Stockholm fellas! Jag älskar er!

Also, we have been teaching a guy named Azim for a little while too. Azim is from Southern Iran but he isn't a Persian so he speaks English instead of Persian. He has been having a tough time believing that he can receive an answer about the Book of Mormon but he's reading everyday, praying everyday, coming to church, and he's really doing well. I've already seen a change in him and we're shooting for the 12 of September for him to be baptized. We've already taught him almost everything so he's on track. I'm super stoked!

Well... that's about it for this week. We're flying down to Stockholm in a few hours for Zone Conference. This will be the first Zone Conference that I will have not touched the piano keys. Det är jättekonstigt! Now I can just sit back and relax. Haha
Alright... I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep up doing WORK over there alright! Puss o kram!

Strength and Honor          
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
The Assistants came up for splits in Umeå. S/O to Äldster Rasmussen o Sahlin!

The Elders in Umeå. Jag, Äldster Nelson, Kapp, o Murri. Elevator Selfie.

Gettin' crazy!

Ivar and I. Ivar is one of the seven members in Skellefteå! Such a STUD!

Me with Jonathan Wirtala and The Canadian, Elder Burton

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