Monday, September 14, 2015

Email #64

September 14, 2015
Umeå, Sweden


Well... I was trying to think of a subject for this email, thought back on the week, and was going to put "Back to Skellefteå" but my mind went to "Back to the Future." And then I got to "1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!" Doesn't have anything to do with the email but... I'm going to tie it into being "Back to Skellefteå."

I know I say this every week but... ANYWAY...

This week was so SWEET!! We had such a solid week!! There is so much going on! BUT... I'll start out from the beginning. The first two days we have been here in Umeå just teaching the gospel, spreading the good word, bringing "good tidings of great joy", and every other way you can think of to describe "MISSIONARY WORK." It's been a good week. I'm a happy camper.

Wednesday rolled on around and we drove up to my former place of residence known as SKELLEFTEÅ!!! Yup... I went "back... to the future." That's where the title comes in. Actually... this might be a good time to give the weekly S/O to my good ol, river runnin' bud Sam-wise Feathy. When I think of that movie... I think of Sammy boy on the river. Ahhh... good times.... gooood times. Keep tearing it up back there buddy! ALRIGHT... back to Skellefteå. SO... my day in Skellefteå was a solid one. I was reunited with two of my former companions... Elder Purkey and Elder Burton, and my former area... Skellefte-of-the-å. We contacted for pretty much the entire day and I was LOVIN' IT! It felt so good to just get out there and talk to as many people as possible. With Elder Kapp and I teaching all day, we don't really get the chance to get out there and find as much as I'd like to. SO... it was good to get out there. Elder Burton and I placed a bet on a "one item purchase from Pressbyrån" (it's like a 7-eleven in Sweden) for the most amount of potential investigators found in a space of 3 hours. Elder Kapp and Purkey didn't know what they were getting into when they accepted the challenge and going up against Master Featherstone and his Padawan leaner... Burton. Faktiskt... I gotta throw another S/O in here to my boy Burton for training another padawan leaner this week! He's finally tagit studenten and is training. We're going to have three generations in the mission soon. Featherstone -> Burton -> Greenie. We'll see if we get four generations in the mission before I go... yeah... we'll stop there. Anyway... long story short... the father-son combo came out on stop (big surprise *insert sarcastic voice here*) as we beat team Kapp-Purk 12-6. With four missionaries working in Skellefteå for the day... we were able to get twenty one potential investigators for the elders there. #booyeah

Thursday happened and we drove all the way up to Boden (as far north as missionaries can go in Sweden) to work for the day with Elder Svensson and Halterman. It was super great to be up there and I learned a ton. Elder Halterman and I taught a young 17 year-old kid named Linus and were able to set up a baptismal date with him which was super neat. The work is going forward!!

Couple neat things that happened lately. The Swedish celebrity known as "Aurora Borealis" made a performance here in Umeå. It's the second time I've seen her. We even had floor seats for the show BOTH TIMES. Super neat! "See the northern lights again.... CHECK!" We'll see if she makes another performance in the near future. We were at a member's house yesterday and they told us that Aurora is expected to make an appearance every night for the next few nights. She's pretty unpredictable but we'll see what happens.

TRANSFER NEWS.... yup... they've come and gone. Sadly, Elder Kapp will be leaving Umeå and is being transferred to Malmö. It's pretty much Denmark. Hej då Äldste Kapp! Lycka till med Skånska. Skånska is like a mix of Swedish and Danish. It's supposed to be pretty sweet but hard to understand sometimes. Danish... impossible to understand... might as well just call it... mumble-ish. Love my Danes though! Love em! OH... but... I'm getting Elder Dahle who is coming from Stockholm. He's been one of the Zone Leaders in the Stockholm Zone and he's a solid guy! I'm super pumped for this next transfer!

That's about it for the week. It's been a good one! Can't wait to hear about next week and Tanner Mangum throwing another Hail Mary pass!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Now... just "make like a tree.... and get outta here."

Strength and Honor

Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Snapped a shot of this beaut
Throwin' it back to my last day in Skellefteå with one of our investigators Osman

The AIK Skellefteå hockey arena with Purk.

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