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Email #77

December 14, 2015
Södertälje to Göteborg, Sweden


This week has probably been one of the greatest on my mission so far! So do you remember the legend that was going to be my companion? Elder Israelsen! The Coloradoan himself! I picked him up on Wednesday right from Göteborg and we have had the most incredible week together. We've had a ton of fun, worked out little tails off, and then we got a call from President Beckstrand telling us that I'd be transferring. Wait... what? I'm transferring? ....... Yeah... so I'm SO confused why everything happened because we just had a transfer last Wednesday but apparently Elder Larson is needed in Södertälje and I'm needed in Göteborg. I'm going right to the place that Elder Israelsen just came from. It's actually the place where all of our ancestors came from. This is the only city that our Swedish ancestors came from so I'm super excited to get out there and proclaim the gospel to my fellow Göteborians. I think this has been the hardest area to leave because of the amazing members and this stellar zone, but I'm looking forward to being in Göteborg. Apparently it's the "promised land." I'm not sure if anyone has been to Norrland but we'll see if it really is "zion."

Sorry folks, but I don't have a ton of time this week. I'll be hopping on a train in a few hours so I have to get ready for that whole shindig. BUT... I just wanted to share a quick experience that Elder Israelsen and I had on the street the other day. We had just taught a lady named Mercy in the library and the library is RIGHT smack dab in the middle of Södertälje. What does that mean? Lots and lots and lots of people. SO... Elder Israelsen and I did a little "shredding." That is the new term which pretty much means "talk to every single person that you meet on the busiest street in the city." SO... we decided to "shred among the masses." It was a good time. We walked, and walked, and walked, and nobody really gave us much attention. After about two hours, another man was walking by us so we started speaking to him in Swedish. He waved us down and said, "Sorry fellas... I don't speak Swedish. Can you speak English?" I swear he was from America because his English was absolutely FLAWLESS. Our buddy was actually from Germany but was just in Södertälje for the day because of work. We started talking with him about our religion and he seemed pretty interested. Then he said, "You know what... I was born Protestant. I was literally in the Protestant church since day one. And nothing you say is going to change that. Sorry boys." He was about to walk away and then we said "woah woah woah.... Can we just say one thing quick?" We started explaining what makes our church different and I told him what the Book of Mormon was about. Elder Israelsen then talked about Joseph Smith, the First Vision, and the Restoration of Christ's church. The spirit was so strong! It was the coolest thing! We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how it's his way to find out that what we are saying is true. Elder Israelsen and I testified and then he got quiet for second. He looked down at the ground, back up at us and said, "Well... you've certainly caught my attention and interest. Can you buy one of those books on the market?" It was a pretty amazing experience. We ended up talking on the street for probably 20 to 30 minutes. I know that he'll accept the message one day, whether it's now or on the other side. He'll do it.

I'm honestly so grateful for my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I was able to finish it in Swedish for the first time this week. It's true. And I'm so grateful that I don't have to rely on anyone else for that knowledge and that it's between me and the Lord. I know I've said this before... BUT... if you haven't read the Book of Mormon, READ IT. If you have... read it again! As I've read it more with the Bible, I've realized how amazing it is, how big of a role it plays in the Restoration, and that the message it contains really is true. Elder Featherstone KNOWS the Book of Mormon is true!

I'm so sorry that wasn't the most exciting email of your entire lives but I gotta head over to Göteborg. Hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all! Keep up the good work alright?

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone


Familjen Jensen... look at Julia at the bottom. She's so sad I'm leaving. I love these people too! AH... I love all the members in Södertälje!
Claudia, Italo, and Alice Schianzzano. The coolest people EVER! LOVE THEM!

18 Months with my boy Elder Israelsen

The shirt burning ritual

The Södertälje Squad this past week. I'm going to miss these missionaries!

Södertälje Selfie!

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