Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Email #83

Feb. 1, 2016
Göteborg, Sweden


Hellloooooooooo!! Hope you all had an incredible week! We sure had one
over here in the sunny paradise known as Göteborg. OH... super fast
fun fact of the week. SO... there is kind of a rivalry that is
constantly going on between Göteborg and Stockholm. They don't really
like each other. Göteborg always says that Stockholm is the "back
side" of the country. Like the "rear end" of Sweden. And then they say
that Göteborg is the "framsida" or "front side." SO... everything is
just great here on the "framsida." ;)

ANYWHO... talk about WOW. This has been such a fantastic week! We've
had amazing success and we're all happy campers here in the Göteborg
area. PLUS, we're getting more and more sun every day! Gotta love that
sunshine! The sun only sets at 4:30 so we're making HUGE progress!
We're actually planning on going out today and playing Soccer and
Football today. It'll be a fun time!

OH... before I forget, I just want to send a weekly S/O to the stud of
the century! Max Knell! I cannot believe you're getting baptized
buddy! I'm so proud of you! We'll hang out ALL the time when I get
back alright? Love you buddy!

Alright... so we'll start this off with an experience. A couple weeks
ago, we were teaching a young lady named Linnea. She was SO positive
and was just loving everything that we were saying. WELL... she pretty
much just dropped off the map because she was never home and her phone
number didn't work. We were pretty disappointed about it but we still
tried to go by and land contact with her. Almost two months went by
and... nothing. On Saturday night, we were about to go out again after
dinner so we got on our knees, and asked the Lord where he needed us to
go. We prayed, stood up, and we both said "Studiegången." We hopped in
the car and went over there. On our way to Linnea's house we stopped
and talked to a few people. We were able to get four telephone numbers
(from people who would be interested in learning more) in a matter of
an hour. We went to Linnea's house, knocked on her door, and who
answered? Linnea!! Turns out that her phone was broken, she had gotten
a new phone number, AND she was moving the next morning! All of her
stuff was in boxes and bags.... "It came without ribbons... and
somethings... and tags." Ha... oh boy... the Grinch... classic.
ANYWAY... we talked to her and she was still super interested. We were
able to get her phone number that works and her new address. It was
pretty incredible to think about the fact that if we hadn't come that
exact night, she would have been gone and we would have never been
able to get back in touch with her. That was a super neat experience
because we listened to the Spirit, tried to involve the Lord in his
work, and we acted on the prompting we received.

On Tuesday we had MLC in Stockholm again. MLC is the coolest thing
ever and I always learn so much! At MLC, we re-evaluated the mission
goals called "Standards of Hastening the Work." They are goals that
President Beckstrand and the Assistants have set up that the mission
is always shooting for. We had a big discussion together about the
goals for 2016 and set up some INCREDIBLE goals for this year. While
we were talking about it in the mission home, the Spirit filled the
room and everyone was getting so excited to just go out there and
baptize the WORLD! The missionary spirit is so contagious and we've
seen so many changes just over the past month or two. The Second
Harvest is happening right now and it makes me so happy!

On Friday, we took everything we learned at MLC and took it to the
zone here in Göteborg. We had an incredible time together! Right
before the training was supposed to start, Elder Albertsen had
mis-placed the iphone so we weren't able to start the training yet. I
called the office and we got a track on it. The phone was just sitting
there and then the office said that it started to move. Next thing I
know, Elder Bailey and I hop in the car to go track down the phone
thief and take him down. Haha not really but we really needed to find
this phone. We were driving ALL over the city and then when we got
close, we hopped out of the car, and started sprinting to where the
office was tracking it at. It was the funniest thing. Elder Bailey and
I are in our suits, sprinting through the Swedish streets of Göteborg,
trying to find this phone. Elder Bailey and I were cracking up because
we felt like we were in a movie. Elder Bailey was Jason Bourne and
Elder Featherstone was James Bond. We were laughing so hard and we
were stopping everyone we could to ask if they had our phone. Thanks
to a prayer that we had said a half our earlier, we found the phone,
hauled back over to the training, and made it safe and sound. Ahhh...
what a day.

After P-day last Monday, Elder Albertsen and I were on our way to an area
called "Studiegången." We were driving when I had a thought that maybe
that wasn't the place that the Lord needed us to go to. We were
driving in the car and I asked Elder Albertsen to pray about it. We
said a prayer, thought about it, and we decided that we needed to go
to a place called "Hisingen." We drove to Hisingen, hopped out of our
car, and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to a lady right
on the street. She is now meeting with the other elders because she
lives in their area. We knew we were supposed to be there for a reason
so we started knocking on some doors and the first door we knocked was
Mats and Patricia's. We knocked on their door and Mats opened. We
started with the usual introduction and then he said, "Hey! Come one
in!" We were able to teach Mats and Patricia the Restoration right
there and we had an incredible time together! It was such a neat
experience! Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the Spirit and
the importance of it in the work. It's literally everything. You can't
do anything as a missionary without the Spirit. Elder Albertsen and I
have been praying a lot lately and we're always praying for help that
the Lord can guide us to those people that he needs us to talk to.
It's been such an incredible transfer so far and I'm stoked for the
rest of it.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Just remember,
"There's no traffic jams along the extra mile."

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Äldste Bailey and the Göteborg University

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