Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Email #84

February 8, 2016
Göteborg, Sweden


Hellllloooooo all of you beautiful people!  I have just about the coolest family on the planet earth. You guys are the greatest! You know that right??

Anywho... that is SO awesome that Max was baptized on Saturday! Super sad that I wasn't able to be there but I was doing the same thing here. #buildingthekingdom Max, you're the coolest cat I know! Thanks for being such a incredible boy! Keep smiling and being an awesome example! Love you buddy! This week's S/O goes to YOU. I think Maximus got the S/O last week too but he deserves it! Rock on big guy!

We had a funny happening this morning while we were emailing. It went like this....
Äldste Williams "Hey! The Broncos won the Super Bowl this week!"
Äldste Bailey "Wait, the Super Bowl happened?"
Äldste Featherstone "Haha that's what I said!!"
Hopefully that's a good sign that we're all "forgetting ourselves" in the work.

Well... this week has been an interesting one. We've been doing a LOT of things that have to do with the Göteborg Zone but it always makes me happy to help out the missionaries here. We are really seeing a difference in the trust between the Zone Leaders and the missionaries in the zone so that's super neat to see. They are starting to call us for questions and things so that makes me happy they trust us and aren't scared of calling us for little questions here and there. This zone is on FIRE right now and they're the mission. I know I say this every week but I'm so glad I can be here in this zone and that I can serve with these amazing missionaries!

Speaking of the zone, this week we started up "Frälsningschatrum" again here in the Göteborg Zone (Salvations chat-room). It's where the missionaries will send in little success stories on the zone group text and pump up other missionaries to go out and hit it hard! I know I've talked a little bit about this before because "frälsningschatrum" was born when I was in Umeå in Norrland. A little bit ago, the Assistants extended a challenge to do the Nike motto and "Just Do It." They talked about contacting and how we need to "Just Do It." It was so sweet and all the missionaries were stoked to go out and make it happen! This past transfer, the Assistants went with Adidas and now the Sweden Stockholm Mission is going "ALL IN." We've been trying to help our zone and try to get them to be "ALL IN." During our little success stories session during "frälsningschatrum" all of the missionaries would signature their text by ending it with #allin. It was so cool so see how all of the missionaries are going to be #allin for the Savior and their brothers and sisters here in Sweden. Are you #allin for the Savior?

I don't have a ton of time but I just thought I'd share a little experience this week. Earlier in the week, we were just finishing up dinner and getting ready to get out there and SHRED! Shredding with the missionary work is the coolest! That means you're absolutely ALL IN, you're giving everything you can, there's no such thing as "awkward", and you give the Savior your best. "Shredding" has become my mission motto. We shred here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission and especially here in the Göteborg Zone. Anyway... we were on our way out and Elder Albertsen and I got on our knees to ask where the Lord needed us right then. We prayed, stood up, looked at each other, and I said, "Elder Albertsen, where do we need to go?" "Elder Featherstone, you always ask me!" I laughed and said, "Alright... fair enough. I think we need to go visit Linnea again." He looked and me and said, "Yup, I agree." "Alright big guy, let's hit it." Right when I was getting on my knees to ask the Lord, I was thinking, "Isn't it just amazing that the heavens are still open, we can counsel with the Lord in where he needs us to be, and we have absolutely no doubt that the Lord will answer us." We went out, worked hard, talked to everyone, and no one was interested. We got back in the car after a few hours of working and I turned to Elder Albertsen and said, "You know what? Even though no one we talked to was interested, I'm 100% positive that we talked to the person that the Lord wanted us to talk to." That felt good that we did everything we could and that the Lord led us to that area and those people even though immediate blessings weren't apparent.

I love you all and I hope you have SUCH a KILLER week! Äldste Featherstone and the Sweden Stockholm Mission are #allin for the Savior and His gospel. Are you?  

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Brushin' my teeth in Borås with our boss elders there

Splits with Elder Johanson and a member in Borås

License plate with Skellefteå AIK! Love that place! S/O to Skellefteåååååå

Preaching the gospel in stan to the masses


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