Monday, February 29, 2016

Email # 87

February 29, 2016
Goteborg, Sweden

Helllooooooo family!!

This week has been a KILLER one! Elder Albertsen and I have been having a TON of fun, working hard, and we've just been laughing on the way.

In other news, the Utby II elders have drafted Elder Samuel Halterman from Jakobsberg to join their team for the coming transfer. The only comment we received from his future companion, Elder Featherstone, was as follows... "You know what? I'm actually really excited that we were able to pick him up. He's been a great contributor to the Stockholm Zone and he'll be a great help to our offensive front." Haha gosh... Greg... you always made me crack up when we'd talk about "post-game interviews. Haha anyway... I served with Elder Halterman in the same district when I was in Skellefteå and let me tell ya... this companionship is going to be LEGENDARY! I'm excited nonetheless.

SO... Like I say every week... ANYWAY... we've had a great week full of miracles and more miracles. We have been working with a less active member named Fredrick lately and we've been wanting to start teaching and working with his girlfriend Emilie. They're living together right now but we're trying to help them get married and get everything figured out. Last Monday, I was on splits with Elder Mecham who's serving in Frölunda right now and we went to teach Fredrick and Emilie. We told Emilie that we help people find out more about the church and help them in finding out/ receiving an answer themselves. ALSO... we need to practice our Swedish... so we asked if we could start teaching her the lessons... anddddd... she said YES! SO... we're so excited we can start teaching her. We had a couple in the ward invite them over to dinner last night with the missionaries and the ward is starting to take them in which is so sweet! The Utby ward is on FIRE right now. Gotta love it baby!

As well... we started working with a less active member named Uche and his girlfriend Marielle. They just had a baby this past weekend and we're starting to work with them. Marielle took lessons from the missionaries before but Uche feels like now is the time. We're going to start teaching them and I think it'll be great! Marielle and Uche are incredible and we're try to see if we can get them married and help Marielle get baptized too! The Law of Chastity is a killer for us right now! We might be the wedding planners this week instead.

While I was on splits with Elder Mecham on Tuesday, we went to teach an investigator named Daniel. He's from Iceland and is such a STUD! We sat down with him, set up expectations, and then we taught him about the Book of Mormon. He's super positive and he also has a girlfriend that wants to meet and talk more about the church. Now... get this... Emilie, Marielle, and Daniel's girlfriend are all SWEDES! Talk about a miracle! Swedes are probably the most stubborn people ever when it comes to religion. BUT... when they accept the gospel... they're probably still some of the most stubborn people ever and are SO loyal. So when a Swede gets baptized they're doing it because they know and they're locked in for the rest of their lives. It's the coolest!

SO... we're teaching a lot right now and this area has almost the PERFECT balance of finding work, teaching, and zone work. It's just about the coolest thing ever! I'm lovin' it here in Utby and I'm SO stoked to get Elder Halterman next transfer.

Later in the week, Elder Bailey and I went on splits in the other Utby area. It was the first time that I had been back on buses and inner-city trains since I was in Jakobsberg. I started with buses in J-berg, then VH and Skellefteå I just walked everywhere, then Umeå, Södertälje, and Utby we've had a car. SO... I was pumped to contact people on the buses and trains again... ahhh... good times... goooood tiiimmes. ANYWAY... we taught this SUPER cool guy named David from Nigeria, we taught him the Restoration and it was INCREDIBLE! Elder Bailey and I were bouncing off each other like Stockton and Malone. Weez was teaching in harmony like Beethoven's fifth! It was a super good time and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. Asked him to be baptized and he said YES! We're trying to get him in the water by April 2nd. It'll be great!

Later that day, we contacted a Swede named Simon. We contacted him right in the middle of an ocean of busy Swedes and he stopped to talk to us for like 20 minutes. People were rushing by the entire time but looking back, I don't remember hearing them or even noticing all the people. Simon said that he is Christian and that he's been looking for a church but that everything he reads in the Bible goes against what the churches do. We said he's "searching for the truth." DIRECT QUOTE. I got the classic "Featherstone smile" on my face when something ridiculously cool happens, looked at Elder Bailey and gave him the "Oh buddy... this is going to be fun! Giddy up!" look. We taught him the entire Restoration right there and talked about the Book of Mormon. We stopped talking and then he said, "Ummmm... can I buy that book? How much does it cost?" Then the classic "Featherstone smile" came back out and I said... "We usually charge people 300 krowns but I'll give it to you for free." Haha JOKES... I didn't actually say that... we just gave it to him. It was such a sweet experience though! And the Spirit was there even though it may have been loud, chaotic, and busy, the Spirit testified to all of us that the Book of Mormon is true.

This week has been incredible! Being a missionary is the coolest thing and I am really going to miss it. I'm sprinting to the finish! I'm really trying my best to give a "5 dollar job" so that I can come off the plane knowing I gave it all.

I love you all and I hope you all have a STELLAR week! LOVES! and...

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

A new convert in Utby named Lennart. He's our grandpa here in Utby. STUD!

The sun is bright. This is the old church in Göteborg.

Elder Featherstone o Albertsen at member's houses for lunch

Elder Featherstone o Albertsen at member's houses for lunch round 2

Frölunda o Utby district selfie!


The Göteborg Zone last transfer! STUD!

Lunch with the legend known as Elder Sahlin... he's "Felix" now.

This kid is the biggest STUD ever! Love my Göteborgian!

               Lunch at Zone Conference! STUD!

More Lunch at Zone Conference! STUD!

The dynamic duo. The new Piano Guys. Elder Featherstone o Archibald. #actionshot

Last night's dinner with the Fougelbergs!

MLC a few weeks ago in the mission home! Love these fellas!

More MLC at the mission home.

The original dynamic duo from Västerhaninge returns! Father-son at MLC.

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