Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Email #89

March 14, 2016
Göteborg, Sweden

Hellooo my dear family...

Sounds like you had an incredible week! Sammy's wedding, some mission-call anticipation, and more of Sammy's wedding. If Sammy ends up reading this email, all I have to say is, "A job well done my boy. A job well done. #lavafallscrewforlyfe"

As far as Noah's mission-call anticipation, I think I'm more stoked than anyone else! I told Dad in my email to him that it's going to be a little like "Cinderella Man" when they're announcing James J. Braddock winning. "And the new..." *INSERT ROAR of the crowd*. You have been assigned to labor in the Swed... *INSERT ROAR of the crowd* Ahhhh... I cannot wait for that. It'll be pretty dang cool... we’ve got Scotland, Texas, Brazil, Tonga, Nauvoo, Sweden, and.... *TO BE CONTINUED* As far as my brotherly words to Noah go... "A job well done my boy. A job well done. #istillholdthedoubleshotrecord" haha love you buddy!

This week was INCREDIBLE! We had MLC again in Stockholm so we took a train that morning up to Stockholm, had MLC at the Mission Home in Täby, and then took a train back that night. It was SO good! We talked a lot about the new Easter video that the church has put out called Hallelujah! It's pretty neat! During MLC, I realized that I have been trying to help people find out which church is true when Swedes don't care about church at all. Swedes care about their families more than anything so Elder Halterman and I have really been pushing the Plan of Salvation and helping people realize that they can see their loved ones again. The new video isn't really an entertainer, but more of a teacher than anything. If you haven't seen it. DO IT!

On Friday, we had the entire Göteborg Zone come in to the city for Zone Training! Elder Halterman and I were in charge and I felt super good about how it went. We introduced the new Easter Initiative with the new video to the missionaries and then we talked about "The All-In Missionary." It was incredible and we had a great meeting together!

Later, I went on my final splits with my good friend Elder Lincoln Dent Archibald. The full name is necessary because this kid is a STUD! We had a ton of fun, worked hard, and did a lot of good together. In the MTC, people used to joke around about how Elder Archiblad was "Buzz-lightyear" and I was "Woody." It's crazy to think about how much has happened since then.

The rest of the week, Elder Halterman and I have been SHREDDING. We've been on the streets, talking with people, baptizing the world, and preaching the good word. Doesn't get much better than that. I am absolutely LOVIN' it right now! Göteborg is the name, The Restored Gospel is the game.

Hope you all know I love you! We'll see if I talk to you all this week for the big man's mission call. LOVES! And keep doin' WORK!

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Lennart... talk about a stud!

Kebab Pizza for dinner... SO GOOD!

Sunday School lesson with the YSA!

MLC with the three generations. Elder Burton and Kendall.

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