Monday, March 21, 2016

Email #90


Holy schnikees! Talk about an incredible week here in Göteborg!
"Göteborg, Göteborg, den här underbara plats. Ooooo!" Elder Halterman
and I are having a complete RIOT together! We've really been getting
at it, working hard, and we've just been having some good clean fun.
You could say it's the #dreamteam

Anywho... as said... everything is just great here in Göteborg. This
place has the reputation for being the city in Sweden were people are
actually nice. Haha I've been lovin' it here. The ward is incredible
and we've seen some HUGE changes in the work which gets me PUMPED!
Gotta love it!

Well... last Monday we received a text from the Assistants extending a
challenge for every companionship to work towards a goal: Every
companionship gets an additional baptismal date during the week. Last
time the Assistants extended a challenge like this, baptismal dates
doubled in the mission. In the past three months, the number of
baptismal dates in the mission has tripled. Could it really be The
Second Harvest? Coincidence? I think NOT! Well... Elder Halterman and
I took the challenge to heart and we were going to do it. We set
goals, planned it out, got out eye-paint out, and we hit the streets.
We had nine people who we wanted to get baptismal dates with at the
beginning of the week, and then lessons fell through one... by... one.
By Thursday, we hadn't been able to get a baptismal date so we really
prayed and asked the Lord to help us make it. Saturday came and we met
with our Icelandic brotha, Jeff. He's such a stud! We taught him and
his girlfriend about the Restoration and it went super well. Elder
Halterman and I have really been focusing on not using "filler words"
and saying things that have worth instead of just trying to fill the
time. We asked the Lord for his help, we did our part, and the Lord
blessed us. The goal for Jeff is going to be April 30. We're really
going to be working for that date so please keep him in your prayers!

On Thursday, we went on splits to do one of my favorite things in
Sweden. We went over to L.M. Engström (a high school here in down-town
Göteborg) and taught a class of juniors about our religion. We had
SUCH a RIOT! So much fun. We were just laughing together, having a
super good talk, and we felt super good about the entire experience
there. Total blast with the kids and we're hoping to meet up with a
couple of them and teach them more! The selfie we took with the class
that I'll send is CLASSIC!

OH... super sweet! Do you all remember the lady I talked about a
couple weeks back named Gittan? She's now investigating the church
with her husband and we had a SWEET lesson with her and her husband.
We took the bishop's wife with us to the lesson and Syster Tittus and
Gittan just hit it off! They're best friends now so we're super stoked
for what's happening with that.

In other news, Elder Featherstone has been asked to sing a duet with
Elder Halterman in Sacrament Meeting next week. Yes, you heard that
right. He will not even touch the ivory. Talk about a change! It'll be
the debut for the un-trained voice, but we'll have further news coming
next week with a re-cap of the performance.

OH... random fact of the week. The other morning, we went out to kick
field goals for exercise and I hit a 40 yarder! It may not have been
the prettiest thing in the entire world but it went in! Haha It's
become my new favorite thing. Elder Halterman and I are going to go do
it a couple more times this week.

#2 random fact of the week... I probably ate the most foreign thing
since I've been on my mission. This week, Elder Halterman and I were
munching down on cow heart and cow tail. Haha our boy Uche hooked us
up with the goods! I'll send a picture of the occasion.

As well... I would like to acknowledge all of my Poelman family
participating in the March Madness. Man, I'll be honest, I do miss the
beloved trash talk of my own flesh and blood. May the best Poelman
win! As of now, as one of the Lord's full-time missionaries, I will
abstain from any trash-talk until March of 2017. For now, I send my
Swedish love to all of you and wish you the best of luck.

While we're talking about news back in America. I heard that Dad is
walking with a cane now. Hmmm... reminded me of a talk that Grandpa
gave in General Conference and a little snippet. It goes like this...
"Henry Eyring, a leading scientist and a great teacher who recently
passed away, would have contests with his students. Even in his
mid-sixties he could standing broad jump to the top of his desk. He
challenged university students to a thirty- or forty-yard foot race.
One day just a few short years before he died, he was in the Church
Administration Building. His brother-in-law, President Spencer W.
Kimball, came out of his office and saw Henry Eyring standing there
with a cane. He said, “Henry, what is the cane for?” And Henry Eyring
said, “Style, President, style.” No wonder he had such an influence on
the minds of young men all over the Church. He had “style.”" Dad...
keep reppin' the "style" alright? Love you pops!

Something that has been super neat that we've been doing recently is
going through a part-member family list and trying to help re-activate
people and help baptize their relatives. It's a pretty good "win-win"
combo there. When Elder Halterman and I are deciding on which name we
need to go by, we say a prayer to ask the Lord where he wants us to
go, and then we decided on a name together. It seems that we always
feel like we need to go by the same person. It's been incredible to
see how the Lord is guiding us to certain places and how we're being
tools in his hands here in this area. We've met so many people in
different places that I know were orchestrated by the Lord. This
really is his work.

Honestly, the work here is just BLOWING up! It's the coolest! Utby is
just killin' it right now and the Lord is blessing us with so much
success! The ward is on fire and the work is just going to go forward.
Hurrah Hurrah for Israel!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! We'll see if I get to
see all of your faces when Noah opens his mission call this week!

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

A pano of Göteborg. The coolest place ever!

More scenic Göteborg...

Whenever we are home and missionaries call us to report baptismal
dates, we have a little toast party and celebrate the occasion.

L. M. Engström with the peeps. These kids were hysterical!! Haha such a RIOT!

Elevator selfie on the way to visit Azi!

Our boy Jeff! Mr. Iceland is his stage name! April 30th here we come!

Our cow heart/ cow tail party in Kung Älv with Uche!

A buddy named Colin took this randomly. Haha super epic. "Staring into the Lion's Den"

Colin is a buddy of Elder Halterman's that came to visit Göteborg. He's AMERICAN!

SVEN LUDWIG! This guy is probably my favorite to walk the streets of Göteborg någonsin!

The Bohus castle with Elder Päärkä. #STUD

Straight face with Jared and Jonathan. Love these kids!

This morning, we went to go grab something from a member at his work and we saw this. Skipped rocks for like 15 minutes. 

We were in-charge for the Young Men's activity this week. This is a couple of them. We ran "The Book of Mormon Relay." Göttmås vs. Det Persiska Laget

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