Monday, March 28, 2016

Email #91

March 28, 2016
Göteborg, Sweden


WOW... talk about a week! First and foremost... a HUGE S/O to the future Elder Featherstone who is headed to BAMA baby! SO cool! Proud of you buddy! You are absolutely going to KILL it down there in the south! That's where the Lord needs you no doubt. I'm still thinking through the fact that I may have to start cheering on Nick Saban and the rest of those Bama punks who win every year... we'll see... we'll see.

Speaking of Noah's mission call. It was SO good to skype and see you all! I was only able to talk to Mom, Dad, and Noah but as for the rest of you... I still love you just as much så inga bekymmer!

Whew... this week has been a busy one. But I have absolutely LOVED every second of it. Haha Elder Halterman is probably Featherstone material. He could definitely be a Feathy. So... it's been a good ride these past few weeks with him here in Utby.

Last Tuesday we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with a man named Peter. We brought a member named Fredrik that we're super close with. His wife Jenny was just baptized. We taught Peter and he absolutely loved it! We taught him a little about the Book of Mormon and how he can know it's true. Fredrik bore just a powerhouse testimony of the truthfulness and how he found out and it was just prime. NAILED IT! While we were teaching and testifying, Peter would randomly open his Book of Mormon and start taking notes in the front cover. The pressure was on. After the lesson, we challenged him to read Alma 32, pray and ask God if it was true, and then write down his thoughts and feelings after the prayer. After we left, we walked to the cars with Fredrik. He gave us a big hug and thanked us for asking him to come because he hadn't taught with the missionaries in over four years so overall, it was an incredible experience.

Switching gears here for a second. I don't know why, but for some reason, all the Swedes wear american professional sports apparel. The funny thing is that they have ZERO idea what team they're repping. SO... that's where I come in...

"Excuse me, sorry, I just have to ask. Is that a Orlando Magic basketball jersey?"

"Ha... uhhh... yeah it is actually."

"Oh alright! Super cool! Do you like that team or is it just a jersey."

"Ehhhh... it's just a jersey. I've seen like two games on TV though!"

"Nice! That's sweet! I was just curious because I come from the U.S. and I don't see much American basketball here."

*Then... you just wait until their curiosity eats away at them and why a stranger from America that likes basketball and is wearing a white shirt and tie is talking to you.*

"So... uh... what are you doing here in Sweden? Are you studying"

"Haha... good question..." *BAM Restoration.

That same conversation probably occurred around 6 to 7 times this week. Whew... I guess all those days watching SportsCenter and ESPN finally paid off.

Thursday was probably one of my favorite days on the mission so far. Elder Halterman and I did not have one thing set up the ENTIRE day. SO... what we decided to do was just hit the streets. We went out at about noon to this new area we found in our area called Olskroken. It is the most central Göteborg you can get in our area. We parked the car, said a prayer for the Lord to help us do what he would want us to do, put on our game faces, and went to SHRED! It was the coolest. We had a couple super neat talks with people. I just get this TIDAL WAVE of motivation and energy when I get the chance to go out and contact for a couple hours. It's the coolest. We'll see if President Graff would be up for a little contacting in Olskroken this weekend with me. ;) But I think it's so amazing how the Lord can build you up and turn you into something bigger because he needs you to fill a specific role in that time. That's how I feel every time I go out to contact. The first contact of the day is TERRIFYING. So scary. BUT... the blessing from opening my mouth is so apparent, and the Lord gives me the energy and the enthusiasm that I need to help these people that we talk to. Back again to "The Lord's Way." The Lord will bless us AFTER we show our faith. Sometimes we want help to do, but I think the Lord's way is to help us KEEP doing, help us retain the remission of our sins, and help us keep enduring, which all comes after we show our faith, trust in him, and ACT.

During those hours on Thursday, we contacted two guys and then right out of the shoots they said, "Woah, woah, woah... you guys... we don't want ANYTHING to do with your church." I just laughed and said, "Why is that fellas?" "Nahhh... we don't want anything to do with your many wives and yeah... sorry guys... not our thang." They just kept walking away from us and I ran back over to them and said, "Woah, woah, woah... guys... just listen to me for a second. That's not our church." "Nah... you guys are Mormons right?" "Yeah dude... I promise... that's not us... I have one Mom I promise. One Dad too. haha" "...... Oh... alright then... then what church are you with?" We ended up speaking with Issac and David for the next twenty minutes. Issac was born in Sweden but comes from Ethiopia and then David comes from Lebanon. They were the coolest! Next thing I knew, we were talking about the Book of Mormon and teaching the Restoration to them. THEN, on top of that, Issac said that he plays basketball and that he wants to play with us sometime. HALLELUJAH! It was so dang cool! I was lovin' it! We taught them and then got his number. We're going to ball and teach them both later in the week.

Like, 20 minutes after that, we contacted a girl named Caroline. Elder Halterman stopped her and said, "Hey! We're talking to people about this book." Before he could get anything else out, Caroline said, "Well... tell me about the book then." My eyes just got wide and I was just thinking, "Wow... uhhh... alright... that's not the usual response we get. But sure! Here we go!" Caroline is a student at the university right now in Göteborg and she was so cool! Turns out that she has been living and studying all over the world and she's religious too. She said she is searching for something but doesn't really know what right now. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she LOVED it. We are going to meet with her during the week so we're excited about that.

SO much is happening right now here in Utby! We are being blessed so much right now.

Funny happening of the week. After Zone Conference... (you'll read more about that below) Sister Beckstrand came up to me after I bore my farewell testimony and told me that I she's not going to let me leave Sweden. There is a joke in the mission that our MTC group that came to Sweden with the Beckstrands is the "favorite group." Kinda like the favorite child because we were the first-born group under the reign of the Beckstrands. Anywho... Sister Beckstrand told me that Elder Israelsen, Elder Archibald, (two of my mission heroes) and Elder Featherstone are now known in her book as "The 3 Nephites." haha I love her.

This week, we also had Zone Conference here in Göteborg. The entire Malmö zone came up to Göteborg and it was INCREDIBLE! I'm really going to miss zone conferences. That was my last one on the mission which was super sad. And because it was my last one, I gave my farewell testimony to the mission. I love this mission. I love these people. It's going to be hard to leave. I know I still have two full months but it's going to go fast. Just want you all to know that I love my mission. I've loved everything about it and I have come to know that Christ's organization is back on the earth in it's fullness and that he lives. He really does. This work is his work, and there is nothing that I would rather to than be out here on his team working together to help my brothers and sisters here. I love my mission.

I hope you all have an incredible week! Keep doin' WORK! Make it happ'n capt'n. I love you all!

Strength and Honor
Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone
Bohus Fästning last P-day 

The Utby crew from the past three weeks

"Elder Featherstone, I can't carry it for you. But I can carry you!"

More Bohus Fästning...

Climbing the wall

My alarm on Wednesday morning... 

Feathy selfie baby!!

Sankt Pauli Kyrka i Göteborg på den shredding torsdagen

Random selfie at Zone Conference feat. President Beckstrand.

Zone Conference with the Swedish legend Äldste Svensson

Elder Rhoades. haha MTC group baby!

Äldste Päärkä the fin. Love this kid. 

Äldste Kendall and Äldste Hemmingsen... these kids are the real deal. 

How many texts we get after an hour lesson. haha ridiculous!

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