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Email #93

April 11, 2016
Goteborg, Sweden

Well ladies and gentlemen...

As you could have guessed by the subject of this email... we have some breaking news. BUT... to give you the entire story, I'll hop back about 4 1/2 months when President Beckstrand and I had our little chat on the pews in the chapel about why I was sent to Göteborg. He ended the conversation with, "Well... Elder Feathestone... where would you like to end your mission? It's the Lord who decides but I know he takes things into consideration." I laughed and said, "You know what President? I haven't even thought about it but I'll write you in my weekly email in a few weeks and let you know how I would like to end." A few weeks later, I wrote President and told him I would like to go back to Skellefteå (yup... remember that place with 7 active members, no missionaries, and nothing going on? Remember that beautiful place that I love so much in Norrland? Remember that place that is now BOOMING with investigators? Yup that's the place we're talking about. AHHH... I love that place. That'd be cool if I went back up there my last six weeks. ANYWHO... I told President I didn't want any responsibility in the mission and that I just wanted to work. I know this might sound selfish but I didn’t want to worry about any other missionaries, just the people in my area. The selfishness and selflessness balances out then. WELL... long story short, I got a call from President again on Friday night. He said thank you for everything. I was actually a little surprised, because he is the one that does all the big stuff, but it was neat to talk to him one on one again. The Beckstrands are the greatest and I love them SO much! They've been my Mom and Dad on the mission. Well... during this phone call, President told me that I'd be leaving Utby and that I'd be moving home. Back home to Skellefteå. Hence the "Skellefteå 2.0: The Return of The King."  I am SO PUMPED! It'll be the greatest six weeks! And we're just going to hit it SO hard. I'm excited. Going back to the top!

Things here in Göteborg are incredible. I turned to Elder Halterman last night and said, "I didn't think I'd ever have just "one" favorite area, but I think Utby just hit the top." I love this place. This is where our Swedish ancestors come from, and it was incredible to be here. I'm really going to miss this ward and these people we've been working with. I had to say goodbye to some really dear friends. These people are absolutely incredible. This is where the Second Harvest will begin.

This week has been a great one. OH... before I forget... Mom, Elder Halterman and I did end up singing a duet in sacrament meeting. It went super well. Elder Featherstone's vocal performing debut was a success. It was super weird to not be on the piano. We sang "Abide With Me." There is a member who has a recording studio and wants to record it so we're doing that at their house for FHE tomorrow so I'll send you the song next week!

Since we don't have a ton of time right now... our week mostly consisted of a few things. 1. Doing the plague of "Stake Reports" where we have to call each companionship in the zone and talk about the work in HUGE detail, write up a MASSIVE report for the stake president, and then have a meeting with him regarding the report. 2. Teaching investigators and helping them prepare for baptism. #thecoolest 3. Driving to Borås to do a baptismal interview with an Afghanistani STUD! 4. Transfers and prepping for all of that. 5. Going on splits with Elder Falkner in Alingsås.

To end on a little spiritual note... This week I had a neat experience. On Thursday night, I was re-thinking my decision to want to go to Skellefteå. I thought about all the people here in Utby and I didn't want to leave them all. I got on my knees, started to pray, and I felt like the decision for me to leave had already been made. I asked the Lord to let me stay here in Utby for my last six weeks and I knew he could inspire President Beckstrand to make the change. I wanted to stay here, unless there was someone else who needed to be here and have this experience as a zone leader in Utby. Then I said, but whatever happens, I know that's where I'm supposed to go. Master, I'm ready. Skellefteå is where the Lord needs me right now and I am going to give it my absolute all. It's like Elder Holland's talk in General Conference, "Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among you." The Lord is going to do wonders in Skellefteå and I'm excited that I can be apart of it.

Well... that's all the time I have for now. I love you all so much! Next time you'll hear from me, I'll be in the great white north where I belong. LOVES! Hope you all have a stellar week!

Strength and Honor
Elder Featherstone

              Splits with Elder Adcox in Borås. Talk about a STUD. The Borås elders are the greatest! 

                                               Borås round 2. feat. Ä Adcox o Johanson


                                         We jogged to this place one morning! BERGSJÖN.

                                                This is my Göteborgska lärare Maria Baker!

We taught these guys on the street the other day and decided to take a selfie. haha Look in the guy's hand! #cashmoney

Same exact story as above but with a different guy.

Random picture. 


Selfie on the zone hike feat. Elder Johanson

We had a zone hike last week and this was the beginning of the testimony meeting on the mountain. Super cool!

The classic featherstone to the zone selfie.

The zownnnnn!

A member took this while we were having our weekly "Sports Night" with the youth. S/O to Julian!

SADIK! He's preparing to be baptized! Stud! We have to figure out a couple things and then he's in the water!

Action shot on the Utby mountain... It's more like a hill.

The members up in a place called "Stenungsund!"

And then other selfie... 

This is my boy Oscar. He was just baptized over in the Frölunda ward. 

This is the Woods senior couple in Stockholm. They're actually friends with Paul and Mer Feathy! Love these guys! S/O to the Redondo crew! Love you!

Two of my favorite members right here. I joke with Brother Koch that he looks like Elder Bednar. 

Viktor and Oliver. They're both going to go on missions soon. Love these fellas!

Elahe... haha she's the greatest! Elahe is from Iran! 

Selfie with Mamma Sahlin! This woman is INCREDIBLE! She's Felix Sahlin's mamma!

Two of my favorite members right here. I joke with Brother Koch that he looks like Elder Bednar.

Haha this is Olof. He's also prepping for the mish! STUD right here. 

This is Fredrik and Jenny. I. Love. These. People. I feel like they're a big reason I was sent to Utby. 

Taking selfies like it's 2005.

Elder Falkner and I in Alingsås! 


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