Monday, May 16, 2016

Email #98

May 16, 2016
Skellefteå, Sweden

"Success comes in the realm of the final inch."


Whew baby... what a week. Another week in the books and in the Lord's service. I've absolutely loved being up here in Skellefteå for round 2 and it's been an incredible ride! Man, I am going to miss this city, these people, and this experience. It's been the coolest.

Elder Kilton and I have this running joke about the movie "The Incredibles." We always joke about the first scene with Frozone and Mr. Incredible when Frozone says, "HEY! SHOULDN'T YOU BE GETTING READY??" and Mr. Incredible says, "I STILL GOT TIME!" SO... we still got work to do, we still got people to talk to, and all I have to say is, "I still got time!"

Speaking of the work... it's been a good week here in Skellefteå. Our Branch President, yes the legend himself, Kjell Solbakk, has asked us to tract a certain area of town so we're been "knocking it out." Ohhhhh... No pun-intended!! ANYWHO... last time Kjell asked the elders to knock a certain area, a lady was baptized. SO... I trust the Branch President. It doesn't matter if we find the person, BUT... it will definitely build the trust with Kjell. We've been doing a lot of knocking lately and I've probably knocked more in the city of Skellefteå than anywhere else. I'm not used to it but it's good though! We're enjoying it and we're getting some good work done.

On Monday, we knocked into an old 85 year old lady and she was THE NICEST person I have ever met in my entire life. We taught her the Restoration and it went super well! Although she was pretty set in her ways and didn't see a need to read the Book of Mormon, we ended with our classic invitation. And get this... I literally cannot count how many times I have said, "Just try it." It's almost too simple. It's like Moses and the serpent. "Just try it." And it blows my mind how many people just brush it off like it's nothing. BUT... that's not gonna get us down because why? A good friend of mine explained it like this, "notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay,that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God." That's been our little motto for this week. I would never be anywhere else in the entire world though. This is where I want to be. And this is where the Lord wants me to be. I LOVE SWEDEN!

On Wednesday, I was able to go on my last splits ever. It was in the legendary city called "Boden." I was on splits with Elder Olson from good ol' Provo, Utah. We worked in Luleå for part of the day and then went back up to Boden. Super solid splits! Worked hard and had a blast! Cheers to Elder Olson!

Later in the week, we had a lesson with our boy Juan and Ivar. Ivar is a member and Juan actually works as a personal assistant for him. We've been teaching Juan a little more and he's actually doing really well. Juan is fairly positive and we had a neat experience teaching him. For some reason, in the past, I have felt like I start to "back down" sprinkle sugar on the baptismal invitation because I don't want to offend or scare the investigator. While we were teaching Juan, I had an impression and I just said to myself, "Don't back down. Do not back down!" We were teaching and I asked him to be baptized. He said it would take more than a month or two to change his life. I felt like this boldness came out of nowhere and I was able to testify that he could be ready. It was incredible to know that the Savior's spirit was there, I felt it. And when the Savior's spirit is there, there's no need to back down. Being bold is incredible when you know that the Savior is backing up what you're saying so there is no need to back down.

I don't have anymore time so I'm going to have to wrap this up. Grandpa V wrote me the other day and he shared a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn. "Success comes in the realm of the final inch." That's the success I'm shooting for this week. The closer it comes to the end, the closer we get to success.

I'm running! I hope you all know that! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Strength and Honor         Elder Caleb Hendrik Featherstone

Gotta love Skellefteå!

My last Sunday with the Skellefteå branch. I. Love. These. Members.

On the streets... mid door knockin' session comp selfie

Äldste Featherstone o Kilton. #skellefteåislife

"Blå ängeln" in Piteå with Jonathan Wirtala! Such a stud! Love this kid!

We contacted this dude this week. haha THUMBS UP!

Elder Olson and I with "The Tree of Life!" We found it!

Contacting Round 2 with Elder Olson and the persians in Boden! These
guys were the coolest!

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